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        1. About us


          Han Lien International Corporation was established in Taiwan in 1978 as a manufacturer of carbine hooks and quick links.We are now a leading exporter for chain and cable, industrial, marine, construction, equestrian, pet, and medical products.


          Han Lien International has strategic partnerships in Jiangsu, Guangxi, and Guangzhou with the main headquarters located in Taipei and an office in Shanghai.This extended footprint allows us to manufacture high quality products at low costs and provide seamless sourcing and logistical support. 


          We are an all-inclusive company that offers engineering, quality control, sub-assembly, logistics and inventory management services that enable our customers to consolidate material handling costs and facilitate just-in-time delivery.In addition, we have designers and manufacturing personnel in house that can find solutions for your needs. 


          With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Han Lien International is a business partner that will equip you for success! 


          Taipei Head Office


          Han Lien international corp. was established in 1978 maunfacturing carabineer hook and quick link in taiwan, since then also was an exporter of a big variety of metal fittings and accessories in the field of china, cable, industrial, marine, building, equestrian, pets and medical.

          Han Lien International Corp.|13th floor. No.101 Jen Ai Road, Sec.4 , Taipei 106, Taiwan, ROC




          Shanghai Branch


          Shanghai Office

          Room 2601-2604,Block F. No.86,Cao Bao Rd.Xunhui District

          Shanghai 200233,china





           Horsewear & Fshion Design Company

          ?Designing company Manufacturing apparel in fashion, Equestrain, horse wear and pet.

          ?Talented designer teams creates innovative and unique items.

          ?Custom-make designs to suit customer own produce preference.



          Guangzhou Factory


           Horse ane Pet Grooming Factory

          ?7,200 square meter workshops, 150 workers.

          ?Specailized in TPR/PLASTIC comb and brush for pet and horse use.



          Guangxi Factory


          Metal Fitting Factory

          ?15,000 square meter workshops, 252 workers.

          ?A complete selsction of metal fittings made out from material zinc die cast, malleable iron, brass, stainless steel.





          Jiangsu Factory


           Wire Cable Factory

          ?46,200 square meter workshops, 400 workers.

          ?Specailized in high quality wire ropes in various fields of industrial ropes.




          Wire Goods Factory

          ?6,000 square meter workshops.

          ?Specailized in wire forming goods, cargo control system related hardware and various stamping parts.



          Webbing Factory

          ?59,400 square meter workshops, 200 workers.

          ?A wide range of webbing in nylon, polyester, PP and cotton. Production includes elastic, non-elastic in solid, multi-color and jacquard patterns.