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          SARGE Pet Clipper
          Professional Electric Pet Clipper

          2 speeds clipper equipped with snap-on detachable Japanese steel blades.
          Strong carbon brush motor for heavy-duty use that runs more than 3,500 strokes per minute. 
          Top quality, quiet and cool running. 
          Great for body clipping and detail trimming.

          SARGE 2-Speeds Clipper
          ● Dimension : 175x48x45mm (LxWxH)
          ● Weight : 380g / 0.84lb
          ● Strokes per Minute : H : 3,500 SPM
                                               L : 2,800 SPM                                  
          ● Motor : Carbon Brush Motor
          ● Watt : 24W
          ● Torque : 6 kgf-m
          ● Power Switch : 12V / 2A
          ● Equipped Blade : #10 (A1A12)
          ● Cord Length : 5m / 16.4ft
          ● 1-Year Limited Motor Warranty
          ● Voltage : 100-240V , 50-60HZ

           KEY FEATURES 
          ● Powerful carbon brush motor
          ● Two-speed design
          ● Detachable high quality Japanese steel blades
          ● Break resistant housing
          ● Ergonomic designed handle\


          ● Clipper & A1A12 blade
          ● 100ml blade oil
          ● Cleaning brush
          ● Adapter
          ● Soft carrying case

          Included: A Series Blade-A1A12

          Optional  A Series Blades

          Optional Product


          Metallic Blue
          Titan Silver
          Metallic Red
          Metallic Grey
          Metallic Gold
          Metallic Purple
          Dark Purple
          Dark Blue

          SARGE Clipper User Manual

          For safety guidelines, usage directions and warranty information on this product, download the file below.

          SARGE Clipper User Manual