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        1. PET

          Interchangeable Tools
          De-matting Comb
          ?Over 30 pcs interchangeable grooming tool
          ?Push-pull handle 360° rotating mechanism handle makes up the tool to suit each job
          ?A well designed storage organizer takes up less room
          ?Great for pro or starter
          ?45º blade design
          ?Available with 12, 17 or 25 blades
          ?New design makes removing hair easier
          ?This pro-quality de-matting vomb with specially designed stainless steel blades , deep curved edges effectively removes knots , tangle and loose hair , also combs painlessly through dense mats and not damage the coat length
          ?This comb is ideal for the pet or livestock with fine hair and sensitive skin .
          ?The light weighted and slim-textured handle with the non-slip TPR grip adds control and gives you a firmer grip
          ?The interchangeable handle for different size of tools
          ?Size : large – 25 blades in 4” width × 4” length
          ?Materials : plastic head , stainless steel blade , interchangeable TPR handle