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          ? The material used for the E.O. gas sterilizer is S/S thoroughly for good appurtenance and easy maintenance.
          ? Full cycle from preheating, leakage test, cartridge piercing sterilizing, exhausting, aerating is controlled by microprocessor and each stage is displayed by illuminated pilot lamps.
          ? Use individual cartridge of E.O. Gas to avoid the potential leakage from tanks or fittings.
          ? Test function takes a prevision of any leakage possibility and the sterilizer can be started only when the vacuum is completely drawn. Sterilization is preceded under negative pressure to prevent from leakage of E.O. Gas. If any leakage happened, gas will not escape to the operating area.
          ? An aerator is equipped with and the discharge of gas inside the chamber and flushing with fresh air can be carried out the specified times.
          ? Sterilizer can be started only when the door is properly locked. In case that door is improperly closed, an indicator will glare to notice.
          ? Alarm system announces and power source cuts off in the event of wrong operation or out of order.
          ? Aeration function is achieved for removing residual E.O. from loads after sterilizing. 
          Standard accessory:
          ? Bottom shelf
          ? Tray with canister holder