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          Drying Cabinet
          Drying Cabinet

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          ? High-performance polyester-urethane foam is used for filter element. Optional HEPA filter can be offered for 99.7% filtering efficiency to 0.3£gm floating particle.
          ? Micro thermal controller is free settable from the ambient temperature to 73 ¢J
          ? Timer with range from 0 to 999 minutes is used for drying time and power will be cut off during time up.
          ? Heat circulating system is provided for rapid drying function and low energy-loss.
          ? Door with tempered glass for easy examination to the drying items inside the cabinet and there is no need to open the door.
          ? Hot air blew directly inside by the tube, it takes within 20 minutes for drying by ¡í32mm tubes.
          ? Each cycle can capacity for 60 tubes in length of 150cm or 9 baskets of parts drying.
          ? Power supply: 220V, 1PH, 50/60Hz, 15A.
          ? Overall dimensions: W700 x H1970 x D470mm.
          Standard accessory:
          ? Tube holder of 60 holes x 1pc
          ? Air filter x 1pc
          ? Stainless steel basket: W290 x H150 x D250mm x 1pc
          ? Stainless steel basket: W480 x H45 x D480mm x 1pc
          ? Tray: W490 x H42 x D480mm x 1pc
          Optional accessory:
          HEPA filter