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          Grooming & Cares
          CROWN Sheep Shearing Machine
          Professional Electric Sheep Clipper

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          • UK, EURO and IRELAND Territorial Exclusived
          • Model No. 616

          Powered by BRUSHLESS motor, more powerful, reliable and rugged.
          The unique and innovative BRUSHLESS motor makes exceptional perfomance with extended motor life over 10,000 hours.
          Maximum power and torque, constant speed control automatically delivers more power when needed. 
          Designed for light, compact, low vibration and ergonomics handy grip to reduce wrist fatigue. 
          Precision engineered for durable cool, quiet and comfortable use.

          CROWN Sheep Shearing Machine Brushless Motor
          ● Dimension : 335 x 83.5 x 96mm (LxWxH) 
          ● Weight : 1050 gm / 2.3 lb 
          ● Strokes per Minute : 2600 
          ● Torque : 24 kgf-m 
          ● 120W low power consumption for 400W working power and low vibration 
          ● Power Switch : 15V / 8A 
          ● Supply Voltage : 100~240V 50/60Hz 1.8A 
          ● Japan High-carbon Steel Blades SK5 Comb 
          ● Blade’s Rockwell Hardness : 62 
          ● XG Series Blades (Compatible with Heinigers’) 
          ● Ceramic Shearing Cutter 
          ● Cord Length : 5m / 16.4ft.
          ● 1-Year Limited Motor Warranty

           KEY FEATURES 
          ● Powerful Brushless DC motor
          ● Ergonomic handle grip
          ● Light weight and quiet
          ● Minimal vibration
          ● Less heat build up
          ● Durable and easy to clean
          ● Available with either a mains supply or 12V vehicle battery leads
          ● Overload switch to protect the motor from damage in the event of a jam


          ● Clipper machine
          ● Blade NO. XG101 comb & XG202 cutter
          ● 15V/8A Power switch
          ● Screwdriver
          ● 100ml blade oil
          ● Cleaning brush
          ● Heavy duty carrying case

          Included: XG Cutter & Comb-XG201 & XG101

          Optional: XG Cutter & Comb-XG202 & XG101