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          Clipper & Trimmer
          Large Animal
          CAVALO Sheep Clipper
          Professional Electric Sheep Clipper

          Downloads: CAVALO Clipper Catalog Sheet

          Sheep clipper, offers variable speeds, 
          Powerful BRUSHLESS Motor. 
          This 60 watt large animal clipper is lightweight, and easy to handle.
          Ergonomically designed grip. 
          Multi-vent design provides cool running.
          Variable speed unit with low vibration. Japanese Steel Blade set.
          Unique head design allows this clipper to go from clipping to shearing by simply changing blades.
          Direct Drive System.

          CAVALO Sheep Clipper Brushless Motor
          ● Dimension : 275 x 77 x 77mm (LxWxH)
          ● Weight : 830 g / 1.8 lb
          ● Variable Speed : 1500 ~ 2700 SPM
          ● Torgue : 12kgf-m
          ● 60W low power consumption for 75W~125W working power and low vibration.
          ● Power Switch : 15V / 4A
          ● Supply Voltage : 100~240V 50/60Hz 1.8A
          ● Japan High-carbon Steel Blades SK5 Comb & Cutter 
          ● Blade’s Rockwell Hardness: 62
          ● A2 Series Blades (Compatible with Listers’)
          ● Cord Length : 5m / 16.4ft.
          ● Power source : Mains or power pack
          ● 1-Year Limited Motor Warranty.

           KEY FEATURES 
          ● Powerful BRUSHLESS DC motor
          ● Ergonomic handle grip
          ● Light weight and quiet
          ● Minimal vibration
          ● Less heat build up
          ● Durable and easy to clean
          ● Overload switch to protect the motor from damage in the event of a jam


          ● Heavy duty carrying case
          ● 100ml blade oil
          ● Cleaning brush
          ● 15V/4A switch

          Included: A2 Series Blade-XL Cutter & Comb

          Optional  A2 Series Blades


          Optional Product


          Metallic Blue
          Titan Silver
          Metallic Grey
          Mat Black

          CAVALO Clipper User Manual

          For safety guidelines, usage directions and warranty information on this product, download the file below.

          CAVALO Clipper User Manual